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Masteri Academy aims to help self-starters to become everyday leaders through personal and professional development. This network was founded by High Performance Coach, Michael Tabirade a Senior Professional and Thought Leader within the Public Sector, Coaching and Consulting industry.

Employees are going to work uninspired and uncommitted, and not being led, rather are just being managed with their needs uncatered too. Business owners are developing businesses with no passion and being swayed by the 'Polyanna Effect'. This can create 'Busy Bandwagons' and 'Infinity loops' which could lead to a lack in productivity, constant fatigue, burnout, anxiety and mild depression. This stems from the increased pressures that the economy and market poses in relation to increased productivity due to demands on profits and commercial expectations. 

Inherently, this stems from changes in behaviour due to a rise in technology, information sharing, and a dissonance in relation to mindfulness and 'present-living'. The human touch is disappearing as people do not have time to think. More is being focused on what is measured as opposed to balancing it with what is also felt, and how that affects people as whole.

Our philosophy exposes people to living with honest impact and committing to a cause. This helps people live more authentically, productively and joyfully. 

We use practical, relatable and evidence-based frameworks used to better guide and channel potential, focus and improvement.

"[The Team] gave an enlightening and uplifting talk on motivation to the Masters degree students at UWE. His personal style and knowledge of his subject captivated the students. Lots of engagements with students – a difficult feat for most but Michael managed it easily!!"

Margaret Roberts, Senior Lecturer at the University of West England

Masteri Group is focused on empowering professionals to become everyday leaders in society. Michael Tabirade, who worked for the NHS for nearly 11 years, founded the company in 2017. He has experience in contract management, change management, and programme management. He is currently a freelance contractor for the UK public sector, and Board member of Trustees for the Institute for Leadership and Management.

He is also an accredited coach & mentor under the EMCC. and is a qualified Action Learning Set Facilitator for Graduates in the NHS Management scheme. For 3 years, he was also a 360 Healthcare Leadership Facilitator for the NHS. 

In addition, he is the author of four books, with his recent book being The Power of Goals.

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What We Offer!

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We have 3 core offerings which include Personal Developement Programmes, Coaching and Courses. If you would like a more bespoke service, please contact us at [email protected]. You can also join the Founder's newsletter here for his latest updates, trainings and experiences centred around personal and professional development.

Why You Should Join Us

If you are seeking a space for continuous growth, learning and new life skills, then the masteri academy is for you. Topics will range from:

  • Leadership
  • Communication & Emotional Intelligence
  • Goal Setting
  • Productivity
  • Work-life balance
  • Performance Management
  • Career development
  • Mindset Mastery

A Big Thanks

Be part of this community will enable you to gain accountability but more importantly a chance for me to help you succeed in life. Masteri academy is dedicated to ensuring the people can be the best versions of themselves, and master their lives.